Common Sentences in English

Common sentences in English:

1. I’m very hungry.
2. Ram looks very happy.
3. I made him do so.
4. I ate too much.
5. You are very brave.
6. How should I know?
7. That’s our house.
8. I don’t know that.
9. Ram runs very fast.
10. You should go.
11. That’s the way.
12. Does she know you?
13. She is very kind.
14. Your dog is very big.
15. He made me a suit.
16. I like it very much.
17. Be kind to old people.
18. I’m very busy today.
19. He’s just arrived.
20. He accepted our offer.
21. He is very honest.
22. America is very large.
23. I made Ann a doll.
24. I know.
25. He runs very fast.
26. He can swim very fast.
27. She made him rich.
28. I know her.
29. He was very happy.
30. It is very cold today.

English Sentences for practice

Common sentences in English:

31. She made me hurry.
32. I don’t know.
33. I’m very busy.
34. I know him very well.
35. Just don’t forget this.
36. Don’t work too hard!
37. I felt very happy.
38. It was very difficult.
39. I made my decision.
40. Do you know us?
41. She was very busy.
42. Jane looks very happy.
43. She made him do it.
44. Do you know her?
45. He was very happy.
46. Peter looks very young.
47. She made him happy.
48. Do you know him?
49. He was very patient.
50. He just arrived.
51. Welcome to our home.
52. This is all I know.
53. He is very handsome.
54. I should head out.
55. We will do our best.
56. I know what to do.
57. It’s very cold.
58. The car is very fast.
59. I have just eaten lunch.
60. He is doing his work.
61. He is very kind.
62. Ram felt very lonely.
63. I made a mistake.
64. I have to go to work.
65. Few people think so.

common sentences in English

104 English Sentences

66. I am very dangerous.
67. I’m just looking.
68. Let’s clean our room.
69. Forty people attended.
70. We are very similar.
71. He had just arrived.
72. Many fish died.
73. She is very busy.
74. Ram seems very happy.
75. He made a mistake.
76. Don’t eat too much.
77. Don’t make fun of people.
78. Sunny is very active.
79. The train just left.
80. I have many books.
81. I’m very fat.
82. He studied very hard.
83. Give me just a little.
84. That won’t work!
85. We were very tired.
86. You should sleep.
87. She lost her way.
88. How should I know?
89. They are good people.
90. I like it very much.
91. It’s just a cold.
92. We see with our eyes.
93. She is very pretty.
94. You are very beautiful.
95. She made me a star.
96. No one will know.
97. He knows a lot of people.
98. He is very depressed.
99. I’m just watching TV.
100. It’s work.
101. He is very careful.
102. They were very excited.
103. She made me a cake.
104. I don’t know him.

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