English sentences with ‘This’

English sentences with ‘This’:

1. This isn’t fair.
2. I love this picture.
3. This is an emergency.
4. Can you sing this song?
5. This book is heavy.
6. This winter is warm.
7. Do you need this book?
8. This is excellent wine.
9. You can read this book.
10. This is my cousin.
11. This makes no sense.
12. Whose pencil is this?
13. This doll has big eyes.
14. This tea is too bitter.
15. This tastes good.
16. This beef is tender.
17. This is what he said.
18. How much is this dress?
19. This should be plenty.
20. This is all I know.
21. Have fun this summer!
22. This is how I made it.
23. He owns this land.
24. This bird can’t fly.
25. This knife cuts well.
26. Just don’t forget this.
27. I don’t like this.
28. This desk is broken.
29. This one is prettier.
30. They live in this town.
31. I love this photo.
32. This is an old book.
33. This sweater is warm.
34. This apple tastes sour.
35. This is my car.
36. This story is true.
37. This clock is broken.

The words 'This 'in Examples sentences

English sentences with ‘This’:

38. This should be plenty.
39. I wrote this book.
40. This is my daughter.
41. This video is boring.
42. This car needs washing.
43. Is this your bike?
44. This is Tony’s book.
45. This wall feels cold.
46. This carpet feels nice.
47. This apple is bad.
48. This is what I need.
49. This watch is broken.
50. This CD belongs to her.
51. This newspaper is free.
52. This chair is ugly.
53. What does this mean?
54. Please take this seat.
55. This meat has gone bad.
56. He lives on this street.
57. This book is yours.
58. Try on this sweater.
59. I don’t like this one.
60. This job is killing me.
61. You may read this book.
62. Who broke this?
63. Can you answer this?
64. This door won’t open.
65. This textbook is good.
66. This is my book.
67. Don’t climb on this!
68. This is a small book.
69. This work doesn’t pay.
70. This is it.
71. This is a hospital.
72. What I mean is this.
73. This heater burns gas.
74. Whose is this?

English sentences with 'This'

Use 'This' in a sentences

75. This is Mary’s dog.
76. This bicycle is mine.
77. This is my friend Sunny.
78. This book is old.
79. This apple is sweet.
80. This is homemade jam.
81. Don’t tell anyone this.
82. Can I eat this?
83. This is my bicycle.
84. This book is smaller.
85. This is the last game.
86. Listen to this!
87. This is surprising.
88. This car is like new.
89. This room is for VIP
90. Is this book yours?
91. This novel bores me.
92. You keep out of this.
93. This engine works well.
94. This thin book is mine.
95. What’s this?
96. This is a road map.
97. Why did this happen?
98. This is based on fact
99. This is delicious.
100. This isn’t for sale.
101. Whose guitar is this?
102. This decision is final.
103. This rose is beautiful.
104. Is this French?
105. This is my brother.
106. This button is loose.
107. This room is for rent.
108. This book is mine.
109. This is what I want.
110. This will do for now.
111. This data is incorrect.
112. This room smells musty.

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