Smart English Sentences for daily use

How to speak English fluently?

Smart English Sentences – Today we will learn some sentences that we need all the time to speak English. If you learn these, you will be able to speak English very well. The only easy way to learn English is to learn new sentences every day. And practice regularly to remember those sentences. Only then will you learn to speak English quickly.

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35 Smart English Sentences

  1. They are shouting.
  2. It’s not noon yet.
  3. It’s still dark outside.
  4. It’s too dark outside.
  5. I have given up painting.
  6. What can be done now?
  7. No one came here.
  8. Do you have to go now?
  9. It rains here all year round.
  10. Give me your address.
  11. Where did you buy the shirt?
  12. The hawkers are shouting.
  13. From where did you buy your suit?
  14. Which is the best hotel here?
  15. Where did you put my shoes?
  16. Where have you kept my phone?
  17. I’ll see you at home.
  18. I divided the cake into four pieces.
  19. I cut the cake into four pieces.
  20. The train left as soon as I reached the station.
  21. As soon as I reached the station, the train left.
  22. I get up early in the morning.
  23. He won’t let me go there. Won’t = Will not (contraction)
  24. You don’t know how to deal with people.
  25. Would you please untie this knot?
  26. Will you stay with us all day?
  27. Would you spend the whole day with us?
  28. I have heard a lot about you.
  29. I can’t accept what you say.
  30. You don’t seem to agree with me.
  31. I think you don’t agree with me.
  32. You are very short-tempered.
  33. It was not your fault.
  34. He is still not well.
  35. Can I ask you something?

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