100 General English sentences

Common sentences for students

100 General English sentences:

1. Where’s the museum?
2. My mother is active.
3. You are very brave.
4. I want your opinion.
5. Shyam came right away.
6. I make 100 a day.
7. This is my daughter.
8. Which cap is yours?
9. How much will it be?
10. Please show me that.
11. Who wants to begin?
12. Aren’t you a doctor?
13. Do the windows open?
14. I’m not a bit tired.
15. Who are those guys?
16. How old is that dog?
17. Please speak slowly.
18. Who broke the vase?
19. I am eating noodles.
20. Respect your elders.
21. She hasn’t come yet.
22. Football is a sport.
23. Is this seat vacant?
24. You’re my daughter.
25. I can do this alone.

English sentences for daily life

100 General English sentences:

26. She’s a good person.
27. Are seats available?
28. Are you coming down?
29. I don’t like coffee.
30. That’s not possible.
31. I have been to Rome.
32. There’s room inside.
33. I’m eating rice now.
34. Sana has been crying.
35. I’ll take this coat.
36. Ram can read French.
37. He had one daughter.
38. Let’s give it a try.
39. My back still hurts.
40. Come at two o’clock.
41. I’m going to scream.
42. Why can’t you come?
43. Everybody liked Shyam.
44. I’m not proud of it.
45. Sid is 100% correct.
46. He was very patient.
47. Oil floats on water.
48. Why did this occur?
49. Everybody loved Sid.
50. I’m not your friend.

100 General English sentences

Practice for English sentences

51. sid is in the house.
52. Everything is ready.
53. Is this real silver?
54. I want to go abroad.
55. This is what I want.
56. Did you read it all?
57. I’m in the hospital.
58. I know Sana is tired.
59. This drives me nuts.
60. Why was Ram crying?
61. Everyone’s watching.
62. Is it still raining?
63. Sid is still in bed.
64. I haven’t forgotten.
65. They were all happy.
66. He went by bicycle.
67. Take whichever you want.
68. Do you like bowling?
69. Could we have a spoon?
70. Here is my bicycle.
71. My whole body is sore.
72. This bicycle is mine.
73. I haven’t seen Sid lately.
74. He lent me two books.
75. This is my bicycle.

Useful sentences in English

76. We ran after the thief.
77. Ken wants a bicycle.
78. The furniture was dusty.
79. My headache has gone.
80. What’s the bus fare?
81. I have a reservation.
82. I disagree with you.
83. I haven’t seen him lately.
84. Oil will float on water.
85. He’s really selfish.
86. I made Ann a doll.
87. This is homemade jam.
88. I haven’t seen him lately.
89. I dislike eggs.
90. I lent the record to Ken.
91. My eyes are sore.
92. We dislike violence.
93. Who stole the apple?
94. I have a headache.
95. The apples are ripe.
96. I haven’t seen sid lately.
97. Turn in your homework.
98. The fog has lifted.
99. The kettle is boiling.
100. Do your homework now.

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