Some impotent sentences in English

General English sentences

1. Is everything okay?
2. Sid kept screaming.
3. It’s not important.
4. That was important.
5. Where would Sid go?
6. She wants to dance.
7. What happened here?
8. Is the book boring?
9. My stomach is full.
10. Sana needs a friend.
11. Is this book yours?
12. Let me handle this.
13. I know my daughter.
14. This is a hospital.
15. Is this Ram’s book?
16. No one is laughing.
17. Sana plays football.
18. Is this book Ram’s?
19. No one’s been here.
20. Shyam screamed again.
21. Shyam shook his head.
22. My father is frank.
23. Sid isn’t here now.
24. It’s seven o’clock.
25. Nobody is speaking.

Meaningful sentences in English

Some impotent sentences in English:

26. Shyam visited Boston.
27. It’s three o’clock.
28. Keep an eye on Sid.
29. Nobody lives there.
30. Shyam was helping me.
31. Nobody understands.
32. We do what we want.
33. There’s no mistake.
34. That’s a good idea!
35. My father was busy.
36. sid isn’t here yet.
37. Sid keeps his word.
38. I have a dry cough.
39. This chair is ugly.
40. Is this seat empty?
41. I like eating cake.
42. This is my brother.
43. My right leg hurts.
44. Sana likes potatoes.
45. Is this seat taken?
46. I play with my son.
47. Three were injured.
48. Maybe it will snow.
49. Sid coughed loudly.
50. She’s eating fruit.

Some impotent sentences in English

English sentences for students

51. What station is it?
52. I have lost my key.
53. This is a bad sign.
54. She is my daughter.
55. What are you doing?
56. It’s already seven.
57. May I take a photo?
58. Times are changing.
59. Nobody was injured.
60. What are my orders?
61. I had a nightmare.
62. He is a painter.
63. Whose pencil is this?
64. Does your dog bite?
65. This beef is tender.
66. I owe him 100 yen.
67. Do you play soccer?
68. She woke him up.
69. May I use your toilet?
70. Don’t oppose him.
71. Am I boring you?
72. I owe him my life.
73. This video is boring.
74. It pays to be polite.
75. He sang a song.

English sentences that regular use

76. This chair is ugly.
77. This is delicious.
78. My hat blew off.
79. She writes beautifully.
80. My pulse is fast.
81. My pulse is slow.
82. We grow wheat here.
83. I like jazz.
84. She sang pretty well.
85. What woke you up?
86. Tom got a little pie.
87. He likes playing soccer.
88. She said goodbye.
89. Could we have a fork?
90. Fry an egg for me.
91. He’s really into soccer.
92. Did you invite him?
93. We all like cycling.
94. I’m awake.
95. That is a pencil.
96. Don’t eat like a pig.
97. That book is theirs.
98. I hurt my elbow.
99. Do you have a pet?
100. May I have a receipt?
101. Your pulse is normal.

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