101 Easy English sentences

Common sentences in English

101 Easy English sentences:

1. Rambabu teaches us English.
2. Ram is a boy.
3. We play football.
4. The rose is a flower.
5. Ram and I are friends.
6. It is a book.
7. The girls are singing.
8. They are insects.
9. Ram has two legs.
10. You go to school.
11. I shall give you a book.
12. I play cricket.
13. I am a student.
14. You are sick.
15. The cow gives us milk.
16. Ram has two hands.
17. Rita dances well.
18. You are Ram and Shyam.
19. The cow has four legs.
20. The sun shines.
21. He is my friend.
22. She is my sister.
23. Soma is a girl.
24. I am Sushanta.
25. The sky is blue.

English Sentences for practice

101 Easy English sentences:

26. The baby cries.
27. We drink milk.
28. I have given her a book .
29. The sick baby cries.
30. The sick baby loudly cries.
31. Dogs bark.
32. They are my classmates.
33. Horses run fast.
34. I know them.
35. The soldier has courage.
36. This is a pen.
37. The sword is made of steel.
38. She is painting a picture.
39. The horse is running.
40. Give me a spoon.
41. We are all students.
42. We are students.
43. Class V has many students.
44. Suroma is a girl.
45. I eat rice.
46. He is a boy.
47. The ring is made of gold.
48. Mita and Rita are siters.
49. I sing.
50. You are Ram.

101 Easy English sentences

English sentences For daily life

51. The mango is sweet.
52. You sing songs.
53. They are boys.
54. Honesty is the best policy.
55. They go to school together.
56. They are intelligent.
57. Walking is a good exercise.
58. We glad.
59. Drive them away.
60. You are sick.
61. Tigers live in the forest.
62. We sleep at night.
63. Give it to me.
64. He looks at a picture.
65. She is intelligent.
66. Mercy is a noble virtue.
67. I bought a pencil.
68. Children play.
69. It is a table.
70. Why did he quit his job?
71. What he likes is jelly.
72. Take some aspirin.
73. You should quit smoking.
74. My father loves pizza.
75. He fell backward.

Daily life use English Sentences

76. Let’s play baseball.
77. Playing baseball is fun.
78. This is why I quit the job.
79. She is pigeon-toed.
80. The brake didn’t work.
81. He is a good athlete.
82. I’m not sleepy.
83. I catch the flu every year.
84. I’d like meat loaf.
85. We swam in the sea.
86. We swam in the lake.
87. Beware of the dog!
88. Beware of pickpockets.
89. He has blond hair.
90. Don’t you like baseball?
91. This textbook is good.
92. It’s fun to play baseball.
93. He can play a flute.
94. He’s in bed with the flu.
95. It is fun to play baseball.
96. She applied for a visa.
97. He is a baseball player.
98. Do you have any gum?
99. I was in bed with the flu.
100. I have a student visa.
101. She called him a liar.

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