100 smart English sentences

Common sentences in English

100 smart English sentences:

1. That book is very old.
2. The war ended in 1954.
3. That’s rather amusing.
4. It doesn’t surprise me.
5. I just eat bananas now.
6. Shyam sat on the stairs.
7. Don’t talk!
8. What does your son do?
9. Everyone was screaming.
10. Don’t lose heart.
11. He is having lunch now.
12. Tuna started the fight.
13. Don’t move these books.
14. I don’t love her.
15. I received your letter.
16. Sid coughed all night.
17. It’s rather cold today.
18. I went to the hospital.
19. I go to school on foot.
20. You have cute eyes.
21. I don’t need it.
22. To me, it’s important.
23. Everyone went to sleep.
24. I’m at the station now.
25. Don’t come again.

English Sentences for practice

100 smart English sentences:

26. Where’s your daughter?
27. Tina also plays guitar.
28. Sana taught me to read.
29. I don’t know.
30. He was giving a speech.
31. We often eat together.
32. Good morning, everyone.
33. I have a bad sunburn.
34. We have to be careful.
35. What are you here for.
36. There are no problems.
37. Everyone was satisfied.
38. I don’t mean you.
39. Here’s my phone number.
40. The experiment failed.
41. I am eating a cucumber.
42. Sana is very religious.
43. I’m really embarrassed.
44. What’s my room number?
45. I don’t mind.
46. Is this seat available?
47. Everybody is very busy.
48. Don’t give up!
49. What have you brought?
50. You didn’t understand.

100 smart English sentences

Meaningful sentences in English

51. Don’t oppose him.
52. It’s October the third.
53. Ram eats very quickly.
54. Don’t be absurd.
55. How old is that church?
56. Sid died last October.
57. I don’t know him.
58. Winning is never easy.
59. Ram grew up in Boston.
60. I don’t like the taste.
61. She is really cute.
62. Don’t worry.
63. Is it a recent picture?
64. The baby is screaming.
65. Who wants to go first?
66. What’s your full name?
67. Don’t tell on me.
68. Don’t touch it.
69. How old is your father?
70. Sana is as big as I am.
71. Don’t ask.
72. Where are your things?
73. We have two daughters.
74. I was in the mountains.
75. I grew up in Australia.

English sentences for students

76. Don’t cry.
77. Don’t be sad.
78. The cake is delicious.
79. French isn’t difficult.
80. I don’t get it.
81. Don’t let me down.
82. I don’t agree with him.
83. Where is the elevator?
84. Don’t stand up.
85. You’ll never be alone.
86. Will it rain tomorrow?
87. I don’t care.
88. Don’t get angry.
89. Sid continued yelling.
90. Shyam started screaming.
91. Please don’t cry.
92. I have three daughters.
93. How much is this clock?
94. Tina stopped screaming.
95. This is not important.
96. Don’t be angry.
97. Don’t lie to me.
98. Tina can’t play tennis.
99. I’m going to a meeting.
100. I don’t remember.

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