Daily use Questions in English

100 Basic English Questions

Daily use questions in English :

How deep is the lake?
What’s that sound?
Is anybody home?
Is this book yours?
Do you talk to your dog?
Is that it?
Whose turn is it?
Do you give to charity? 
Who is he?
Where is my book?
May I put it here? 
May I speak to you?
Can I see that one?
Is he breathing? 
Where is your room? 
What’s the matter? 
Can we talk in private?
What is that? 
What is the story?
Are you ready to go?
What was that noise?
Is she Bangali?
What is over there?
May I speak to sona?
Why did she do that?
What time is it?
What is Ken eating?
Are you able to swim? 
Is that answer right?
Who is that boy? 
Daily use question in English

English Questions use in daily life

Daily use questions in English:

Who built it?

What is the problem?
Who is that boy? 
Is this French?
Whose car is that?
Who put you up to it? 
Could you repeat that?
Who is that man?
Isn’t it black?
Would you like to go? 
That’s good, isn’t it?
Is he still here?
Can you find it?
Did he propose to you?
Who is that gentleman? 
Is everything OK? 
Great, isn’t it? 
Are you in a hurry? 
How is Mary?
Is the bath ready?
May I come in?
Who is she?
Is the bath clean?
What’s the bus fare?
Who is that man?
Where is Paris? 
Is she your sister?
Who stole the apple?
Who’s that girl?
How is your dad?
Is something wrong?
What is the story? 
What is in the desk?
Who is next?

Is there a curfew?

Basic Spoken English Questions

Where’s the museum?
Is that it? 
Whose is this?
Where is my watch?
Do I have to study?
Whose car is that?
Is he a teacher?
Whose friend is he?
Who broke the vase?
What’s that?
Is he Bangali?
Where is Room 105?
What is on the desk?
What is that?
Is she married? 
Where is your cap? 
Would you like to wait?
Is it free?
What is going on?
What’s the matter? 
Why don’t you come in?
Is this love? 
Is this your bike?
Do you like to travel?
That’s right, isn’t it?
Is your dog mean?
Can you handle it?
What is in the desk?
Is that true?
Is she at home?
Where is the pain?
Do I need to transfer?
Who is that old woman?
Is he still here? 
What time is it?

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