Example Sentences with Do

Example Sentences with Do:

  1. Do you know him?
  2. Tell me what to do.
  3. What did you do then?
  4. Do you understand?
  5. Do snakes bother you?
  6. Do you have a pet?
  7. What do you suggest?
  8. I’ll do my best.
  9. Do you have a fever?
  10. Do I need to transfer?
  11. Do you follow?
  12. Where do you live?
  13. Do you have blankets?
  14. Do what you like.
  15. Do you have any gum?
  16. Do you have any money?
  17. Do you like snow?
  18. Do you keep a diary?
  19. Do you hear something?
  20. I made him do so.
  21. Do you like bowling?
  22. Why do you ask?
  23. Do you play soccer?
  24. Do your homework now.
  25. What do you have?
  26. Do you like cooking?
  27. What do you need?
  28. Do you like surfing?
  29. What do you want?
  30. We have a lot to do.

80 Sentences with Do

Example Sentences with Do :

31. I know what to do.
32. Do you have a family?
33. Do you want money?
34. Do whatever you like.
35. Why do you lie?
36. Do you want a ride?
37. Please do that again.
38. Do you know her?
39. She made him do it.
40. This will do for now.
41. I’ll do it.
42. What does Tony do?
43. Do you have a tattoo?
44. Do you hear me?
45. Do as he tells you.
46. Do you know Tom well?
47. Do you like rap?
48. Do you drink coffee?
49. What should I do now?
50. Do you know us?
51. Do I have to study?
52. Do you look your age?
53. Do you recycle?
54. Do you need a lift?
55. Do you think I’m fat?

Example Sentences with Do

Some Sentences with Do in English

56. Do you like music?
57. Why did she do that?
58. Do you smoke?
59. When do you study?
60. Do you have a ticket?
61. Do you have a car?
62. What am I to do now?
63. Do you love me?
64. Do you like tennis?
65. Do you speak English?
66. Do it by yourself.
67. We will do our best.
68. Do you like black cats?
69. Do you want to be rich?
70. Do you like to travel?
71. Let’s not do the work.
72. May I do it right now?
73. What made her do that?
74. Do you hear something?
75. Do you need this book?
76. Do you think I’m crazy?
77. Do you think I’m ugly?
78. How do you make a box?
79. Do you know who he is?
80. He is unable to do it.

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