Sentences for English Conversation

Sentences for English Conversation:

1. I want some fresh eggs.
2. That house is very small.
3. She came last.
4. What do you want?
5. I looked around me.
6. John set a trap.
7. I want that bag.
8. He turned around.
9. Turn left at the corner.
10. I want to ride a horse.
11. She has few friends.
12. He came by car.
13. I want a guitar.
14. Do you want a ride?
15. He came here again.
16. I want to study abroad.
17. They have few books.
18. Mr. Smith came.
19. Take anything you want.
20. He came in person.
21. She came alone.
22. Tell me which you want.
23. He came downstairs
24. He came back soon.
25. Tell me what you want.

Daily use English sentences

Sentences for English Conversation:

26. It’s too small.
27. He came several times.
28. I want to get rid of it.
29. Is something wrong?
30. He’s already left.
31. I want to go to college.
32. I want something sweet.
33. The train just left.
34. Great, isn’t it.
35. I want something to eat.
36. I left home at seven.
37. I want a computer. .
38. They walked around.
39. Do you want money?
40. Stop joking around.
41. She loves her children. -166
42. I want something sweet.
43. She has small feet.
44. I came here yesterday.
45. I want to ride a horse.
46. This is a small book.
47. Mary came in.
48. She has ten children.
49. I want some paper.
50. She looked all around.
51. I want to go abroad.

Common short sentences in English

52. I don’t want dinner.
53. Ann came downstairs.
54. I want something sweet.
55. Few people think so.
56. He came by bus.
57. This is what I want.
58. John set me up.
59. His dream came true
60. I want to sing a song.
61. I’m left-handed.
62. He came into the room.
63. I want to sleep.
64. She looked around.
65. She left here right away.
66. He has three children.
67. I want some water.
68. I’m just looking around.
69. I want a refund.
70. See you around.
71. He has left his family.
72. I don’t want any more.
73. I felt left out.
74. He came to my rescue.
75. He is a great scientist.
76. I want something to read..
77. He hurt his left hand.

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