Simple Sentences for beginners

Simple Sentences for beginners:

Come here, John.
Do you like rap?
What did you say?
What did he say?
I’ll come by 10.
Do you like snow?
Spring has come.
I also like cake.
Come and help us.
I didn’t like it.
Come with me.
Life is fun.
I like chocolate.
Please come in.
I like cats.
I owe him my life.
I like his music.
Life is beautiful.
I like red roses.
Life is enjoyable.
I like traveling.
It’s all over.
He will not say yes.
It’s all over for us.
She might come.
Come and see me.
I ache all over.
He must be over fifty.
Let’s get it over with.
What is over there?

Simple English Sentences

Simple Sentences for beginners:

What did she say?
Do what you like.
Has he come yet?
Will she come?
I like winter.
I like both.
Can you come?
Say it clearly.
May I come in?
She may come.
I like jazz.
I like him.
I can’t say.
He can come.
Come with us.
Please come.
John burped.
Sit here.
I have time.
I like cake.
John smiled.
I like tea.
We’ll work.
Speak up.-
I felt that.
I am sick.
John voted.
Who ate?
John snores.
Can you read.
Let go of me.
John’s coming.
Anything else?
I ran outside.
She got angry.
John’s trapped.
He is a doctor.
Is he a doctor?
John is yelling.
Are you doctors?
Anybody will do.

English Sentences for daily use

Everyone saw it.
I have evidence.
I want that bag.
I’m eating here.
I’ve heard that.
Nothing changed.
John came inside.
We didn’t do it.
Do you have time?
I heard a scream.
It’s a pineapple.
The sky is clear.
What did you say?
Give me the sword.
I’m bad at sports.
That’s my brother.
What does it cost?
Hello, how are you?
I’m not your enemy.
I like him.
Of course.
This is new.
John jumped.
John inhaled.
You called?
No problem.
Watch John.
Come again.
John clapped.
Don’t wait.
Leave me.
Kiss John.
I don’t cry.

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