English sentences for beginners

English sentences for beginners :

This book is yours.
Have a good time.
She hit me, not him. 
I am not a teacher.
Whose is this?
Have a nice trip.
He owns this land.
I have a pen.
Can I eat this?
I have a big dog. 
He’s not in.
I have a problem.  
I’m not sleepy.
This apple is bad.
I have no money.
She is not tall. 
She may not come.
I’m not ready yet.
I’m not at all tired.
You’d better not go. 
Is this book yours? 
I have ten pens.
This book is heavy.
I have two cars.
This book is old. 
I would rather not go.
I don’t like this.
I have a cold.
I don’t like this jacket.
Have a nice time.
English sentences for beginners

Daily use English Sentences

English sentences for beginners :

I love this photo.
Have you eaten?
Is this your bike?
Have a nice day.
He will not say yes.
This tastes good. 
I have a dog.
We are not amused.
I wrote this book.
I have an idea.        
It’s not my fault.
That’s his house.
He keeps his word.
I had a good time.
His eyes are blue.
His wife is French.
He reached his goal.
That is his car.
We are his sons.
I like his music.
I’ve had enough.
I had a hard time.
He is at his desk.
I had a nightmare.
That car is his.
I had a good idea.
He lost his job.
We ate eggs. 
I am working. 
That is mine. 
What a nerve. 
How old is he? 
I’ve got wine. 
John got angry. 
You may speak. 

Common Spoken English Sentences

I was coughing. 
No one knew it.
We are doctors. 
John’s homeless.
Can you help me? 
How old is that?
I need a friend. 
I’ll get lonely. 
I’m not thirsty. 
It’s just wrong. 
Stop right here. 
John lives there.
What’s happened?
Here is your bag. 
I’m in the house. 
Please stay here. 
Jon is very sick.
Winter is coming. 
I have a daughter. 
My father is tall.
Jon eats too fast. 
You are in my way. 
I heard you scream. 
It’s not important. 
Then what? 
Use this. 
I came back. 
I can read. 
I feel cold.
Is that so? 
Bring food. 
I can run. 
I’m tired. 
I can dance. 
Trust John. 

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