Platforms to help for beginners

Bet sentence in English

Platforms to help for beginners:

1. Everyone started laughing.
2. John is wearing headphones.
3. The chicken was delicious.
4. What is your phone number?
5. Is the audience listening?
6. I sneeze a lot.
7. Nobody likes war.
8. Thank you very much, doctor.
9. Where’s the ticket counter?
10. She is my classmate.
11. Whose phone number is this?
12. I don’t want to go to sleep.
13. What’s your father’s name?
14. Tom has a hangover.
15. Take off your socks, please.
16. Are you a Japanese citizen?
17. Does John understand French?
18. How long does the trip take?
19. The mango is sweet.
20. Where is the toothpaste?
21. Are you new here?
22. Where is the bus terminal?
23. The meeting was held here.
24. Sid was crying like a baby.
25. The light is on.

Daily used English Sentences

Platforms to help for beginners:

26. Sid is taking a big chance.
27. What would you like to eat?
28. The church bell is ringing.
29. Put out the light.
30. Give me your phone number.
31. John is afraid of the dark.
32. We’re going the wrong way.
33. Playing basketball is fun.
34. Everybody desires happiness.
35. How old is the oldest one?
36. This old house is haunted.
37. He’s a comedian.
38. Turn off the light.
39. Thirteen people were killed.
40. John is listening intently.
41. This is my younger sister.
42. It’s absolutely impossible.
43. She can skate.
44. She is able to skate.
45. Turn on the light, please.
46. The station is pretty far.
47. Sid was crying last night.
48. Turn off the light, please.
49. I live in a village.
50. My stomach is full.

Platforms to help for beginners

English sentences that regular use

51. Tom needs a haircut.
52. What exactly has Sid done?
53. My stomach’s full.
54. She wants to hug him.
55. Is that your new girlfriend?
56. The ambassador has returned.
57. This yogurt tastes strange.
58. He’s sleeping like a baby.
59. Ram’s father is a musician.
60. Sid kept crying all night.
61. That was a close shave.
62. It’s new.
63. My luggage has just arrived.
64. The responsibility is mine.
65. The rain continued all day.
66. Is there an elevator?
67. Let’s start the party.
68. I got a new camera.
69. How old is your grandfather?
70. I’ve made that same mistake.
71. I have a hangover.
72. You’re going the wrong way.
73. The terrorists have failed.
74. I’m just looking, thank you.
75. He’s a big coward.

English sentences for daily use

76. That was a great party.
77. I’ll buy a new one.
78. The summer vacation is over.
79. Everybody wants recognition.
80. He invited me to the party.
81. We want a new carpet.
82. Grammar is very complicated.
83. Let’s see what Tom is up to.
84. No one likes war.
85. That’s the absolute truth.
86. What’s the meaning of that?
87. Where’s the toothpaste?
88. It is new.
89. I’ve always been like this.
90. At what time does it close?
91. She’s my classmate.
92. How much are these potatoes?
93. It’s been snowing all night.
94. I am able to read English.
95. I ate caviar.
96. He invited me to a party.
97. This car is like new.
98. The library is to the left.
99. Forty people were present.
100. Do you recycle?

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