Daily life use English sentences

Bet sentence in English

Daily life use English sentences:

1. This is Ram’s sister.
2. I have a slight fever.
3. Shyam is now in prison.
4. Don’t you forget that.
5. It’s a quarter to two.
6. My mother loves music.
7. Do you understand now?
8. Is Mary your daughter?
9. Sid caught the thief.
10. You don’t understand.
11. I have to go to sleep.
12. Sana has been injured.
13. What am I doing here?
14. Where are the photos?
15. Everyone knows it now.
16. Tell me what happened.
17. Sid changed his name.
18. Your answer is right.
19. I signed the contract.
20. Sana dances very well.
21. Your answer is wrong.
22. I used to play tennis.
23. I usually eat outside.
24. Who wrote the letter?
25. How long did you stay?
26. Sana resumed speaking.
27. Accidents will happen.
28. I was born in October.
29. Nobody understands me.
30. Sana started coughing.

Daily used English Sentences

Daily life use English sentences:

31. Sana stopped speaking.
32. Beware of pickpockets.
33. I’m not proud of that.
34. She’s my older sister.
35. She’s younger than me.
36. Coffee keeps me awake.
37. I’m not young anymore.
38. Eat whatever you want.
39. Like father, like son.
40. Don’t you have a bike?
41. It’s what I’m used to.
42. Why are you shouting?
43. How much does it cost?
44. I don’t get it either.
45. What is today’s date?
46. Everybody ran outside.
47. Shyam is going to sing.
48. Where’s the hospital?
49. Forty people attended.
50. Make yourself at home
51. Why don’t we go home?
52. I have class tomorrow.
53. Shyam is in heaven now.
54. Which floor is it on?
55. He can speak Japanese.

Daily life use English sentences

English sentences that regular use

56. My father is a doctor.
57. Who would believe me?
58. He’s eating lunch now.
59. Don’t delude yourself.
60. Is your watch correct?
61. When will you return?
62. Everyone else laughed.
63. Do you have a bicycle?
64. I’ve finished my work.
65. Ram is in his office.
66. Who wants to eat now?
67. He hasn’t arrived yet.
68. My father loves pizza.
69. Do turtles have teeth?
70. I’m reading your book.
71. What he likes is jelly.
72. Have a nice vacation.
73. Take some aspirin.
74. You should quit smoking.
75. My father loves pizza.
76. He fell backward.
77. Let’s play baseball.
78. Playing baseball is fun.
79. I’m thirsty.
80. She is pigeon-toed.

English sentences for daily use

81. The brake didn’t work.
82. He is a good athlete.
83. I’m not sleepy.
84. I’d like meat loaf.
85. We swam in the sea.
86. We swam in the lake.
87. Beware of the dog!
88. Beware of pickpockets.
89. I have a wooden comb.
90. He has blond hair.
91. Don’t you like baseball?
92. I will gladly help you.
93. This textbook is good.
94. It’s cloudy.
95. He can play a flute.
96. He’s in bed with the flu.
97. He owns this land.
98. She applied for a visa.
99. Tom likes hot curry.
100. He is a baseball player.
101. Don’t dump garbage here
102. Do you have any gum?
103. I have a student visa.
104. It’s a cloudy day.
105. She called him a liar.

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