Short and easy English sentences

Useful sentences in English

Short and easy English sentences:

1. My father is a teacher.
2. What does this word mean?
3. My father is very nice.
4. There was a bridge there.
5. I want something to eat.
6. I don’t know the answer.
7. Gasoline is used for fuel.
8. The museum is closed now.
9. Sid is still at school.
10. She forgave him.
11. Accidents are inevitable.
12. Where do you want to go?
13. How much is the bus fare?
14. May I open a can?
15. Sana is probably sleeping.
16. Sana hardly ever laughs.
17. Nobody’s indispensable.
18. When do you want to go?
19. I don’t like this.
20. Don’t listen to her.
21. This program is a rerun.
22. They say love is blind.
23. This is very good soil.
24. Thanks, this is enough.
25. She may not come.

English sentences for daily life

Short and easy English sentences:

26. Mary is a very shy girl.
27. How much does this cost?
28. Ram slept on the train.
29. May I pay by check?
30. Sid used to play guitar.
31. It’s a quarter past nine.
32. She is younger than me.
33. May I go home?
34. Don’t go in the kitchen.
35. She was raised in France.
36. What’s your name, please?
37. There’s nothing I can do.
38. May I speak to you?
39. I don’t live in the city.
40. She can speak Japanese.
41. Come and see for yourself.
42. What actually happened?
43. I don’t feel well.
44. I don’t know that.
45. May I speak to Bill?
46. This isn’t a good sign.
47. Ram’s mother was crying.
48. It may rain tomorrow.
49. What do this sign mean?
50. The balloon will burst.

Short and easy English sentences

Common sentences for students

51. This tire needs some air.
52. There are three buttons.
53. Three people were killed.
54. I got a flat tire.
55. My computer is very slow.
56. John read lots of books.
57. May I help you?
58. John seldom eats at home.
59. John is still in prison.
60. Please listen carefully.
61. Don’t eat too much.
62. It’s my favorite food
63. You’re tired, aren’t you?
64. Good morning, everybody.
65. Who doesn’t want to win?
66. We’re going to eat now.
67. You may go.
68. They are in class.
69. What do you want to be?
70. Don’t forget the ticket.
71. May I join you?
72. I would like to eat now.
73. I’m going to take a bath.
74. Would you like to dance?
75. Sid washed the potatoes.

Practice for English sentences

76. It may rain.
77. I have class tomorrow.
78. How much does that cost?
79. This is my sister
80. May I come.
81. I’m so full.
82. How old is the universe?
83. Tom is taller than Mary
84. May I have your name?
85. John reads lots of books.
86. What does that word mean?
87. Don’t climb on this!
88. .It’s my favorite song.
89. How much will I receive?
90. Sana is also a vegetarian.
91. May I have a receipt?
92. John bought some potatoes.
93. School begins tomorrow.
94. Sid is a very tall boy.
95. Would you like some more?
96. She may come.
97. I must hurry to class.
98. Sana continued speaking.
99. Mary decorated the cake.
100. May I ask a question?

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