Sentences that start “A “letter

Sentences that start with the letter "A"

Sentences that start “A “letter:

1. A wet blanket.
2. All intents and purposes.
3. As happy as a clam.
4. A diamond in the rough.
5. A sorry sight.
6. All fingers and thumbs.
7. As easy as pie.
8. A shot in the arm.
9. Against the grain.
10. As busy as a bee.
11. A drop in the ocean.
12. A worm will turn.
13. All present and correct.
14. As keen as mustard.
15. A load of codswallop.
16. Accident of birth.
17. An Oxford scholar.
18. At one fell swoop.
19. A fish out of water.
20. A young man’s fancy.
21. All things must pass.
22. As mad as a hatter.
23. A fly in the ointment.
24. Abide with me.
25. All you can eat.

Letter "A" words in sentence

Sentences that start “A “letter:

26. As nice as ninepence.
27. A fool’s paradise.
28. About face.
29. All’s fair in love and war.
30. As old as the hills.
31. A red rag to a bull.
32. Acid test.
33. Apple pie order.
34. A foregone conclusion.
35. About turn.
36. An accident waiting to happen.
37. As safe as houses.
38. A good hiding.
39. Above board.
40. An arm and a leg.
41. As sick as a parrot.
42. A house is not a home.
43. Above my pay grade.
44. An axe to grind.
45. As the crow flies.
46. A dish fit for the gods.
47. A stone’s throw.
48. All in all.
49. As good as gold.
50. A diamond is forever.

Sentences that start "A "letter

"A" words sentences in English

51. A spanner in the works.
52. All Greek to me.
53. As fit as a fiddle.
54. A rose is red.
55. Across the board.
56. April fool.
57. A safe pair of hands.
58. Across the pond.
59. As bald as a coot.
60. A king’s ransom.
61. Absent-minded professor.
62. An ill wind.
63. As thick as thieves.
64. A man after my own heart.
65. Accidentally on purpose.
66. Angry young man.
67. A drop in the bucket.
68. A word in edgeways.
69. All of a sudden.
70. As high as a kite.
71. A nest of vipers.
72. Accidents will happen.
73. Ankle biter.
74. A pig in a poke.
75. Ace in the hole.

Practice for letter"A" words in sentences

76. Any port in a storm.
77. A country mile.
78. A sight for sore eyes.
79. Agree to disagree.
80. As daft as a brush.
81. A little bird told me.
82. Absent without leave.
83. An offer he can’t refuse.
84. As white as snow.
85. A bunch of fives.
86. A shadow of a doubt.
87. After the fact.
88. As brown as a berry.
89. A piece of the action.
90. According to Hoyle.
91. Another think coming.
92. A bolt from the blue.
93. A sea change.
94. Act the giddy goat.
95. As bold as brass.

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