110 daily use questions for beginners

Most common English Questions

110 daily use questions for beginners:

1. What does it cost?
2. Is it still raining?
3. Where is the bank?
4. Who broke the vase?
5. Where’s the mistake?
6. Do you speak English?
7. Which cap is yours?
8. Where is my luggage?
9. What does it mean?
10. Is this seat taken?
11. Is this seat vacant?
12. Who wrote the letter?
13. What is your name?
14. Who wants to know?
15. Does Sana help Mary?
16. Are seats available?
17. How much did you eat?
18. What am I doing here?
19. What has happened?
20. May I take a photo?
21. Were you born there?
22. Why are you shouting?
23. What is the price?
24. What are my orders?
25. What did you forget?
26. Why don’t we go home?
27. What does that mean?

Daily use English Questions

110 daily use questions for beginners:

28. Is this book Ram’s?
29. How much will it be?
30. Which floor is it on?
31. Where will Sid go?
32. What are you doing?
33. What does this mean?
34. Do you understand me?
35. Where’s the knife?
36. Which tooth hurts?
37. What happened here?
38. What floor is it on?
39. Does Tom play tennis?
40. How is your daughter?
41. What station is it?
42. What have you found?
43. Why can’t you come?
44. Who wants to see me?
45. Who wants to begin?
46. What is your teacher?
47. Is this book yours?
48. How old is that dog?
49. Who wants to eat now?
50. Is it far from here?
51. Does Sana help Mary?
52. Why did this occur?
53. How old is this tree?
54. What’ll Sid bring?
55. Is everybody ready?

110 daily use questions for beginners

Common questions in English

56. Are you coming down?
57. Why are you yelling?
58. What is today’s date?
59. Is this seat empty?
60. Is this real silver?
61. Who would believe me?
62. What’ve you found?
63. Is everything okay?
64. Aren’t you a doctor?
65. Are your hands clean?
66. When will you return?
67. Is this Ram’s book?
68. Do the windows open?
69. Where’s the hospital?
70. Who are those guys?
71. Where is the museum?
72. Can I see that one?
73. Why was Tom crying?
74. Is there an elevator?
75. Where’s the museum?
76. Where does Tom live?
77. Where do you live?
78. Is the book boring?
79. Did you read it all?
80. Can I turn on the TV?
81. Where are the photos?
82. Where would Sid go?

English Questions for students

83. What street is this?
84. Did you do your homework?
85. Why did he quit his job?
86. Could we have a spoon?
87. Do you recycle?
88. Write me sometime, OK?
89. May I help you?
90. May I pay by check?
91. Do you like bowling?
92. Are you new here?
93. Which tooth hurts?
94. Is there an elevator?
95. Don’t you like baseball?
96. Do you have any gum?
97. May I go home?
98. Where’s the toothpaste?
99. May I join you?
100. Will ten thousand yen do?
101. May I speak to you?
102. Where is the toothpaste?
103. Who broke the vase?
104. May I speak to Bill?
105. May I have a receipt?
106. May I open a can?
107. Why did you quit?
108. May I ask a question?
109. How was your day?
110. Would you like ice?

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