Some good sentences in English

English sentences that regular use

Some good sentences in English:

1. Sid nodded his head.
2. I went to the bakery.
3. Were you born there?
4. He’s in the hospital.
5. The fan doesn’t work.
6. Everyone uses Google.
7. Rabbits like carrots.
8. Sid rides a scooter.
9. Are your hands clean?
10. I’m not at all tired.
11. Tuna threatened Mary.
12. What floor is it on?
13. Where does Ram live?
14. I always feel sleepy.
15. Tuna rushed upstairs.
16. Boston is a big city.
17. I’m not your teacher.
18. Tuna screamed loudly.
19. Can I turn on the TV?
20. Is there an elevator?
21. It is very hot today.
22. Who wants to see me?
23. I have caught a cold.
24. What did you forget?
25. Do you speak English?
26. It’s very hot inside.

English sentences for daily use

Some good sentences in English:

27. What does that mean?
28. What does this mean?
29. Does Shyam play tennis?
30. My father grows rice.
31. Don’t worry about me.
32. My father is at home.
33. How is your daughter?
34. The rumor isn’t true.
35. He’s younger than me.
36. The rules are simple.
37. Why are you yelling?
38. I have two daughters.
39. I was playing tennis.
40. What have you found?
41. How much did you eat?
42. We saw the airplane.
43. Where is my luggage?
44. I checked everywhere.
45. The students laughed.
46. You may go home now.
47. I’m going to be late.
48. We traveled on foot.
49. Where is the museum?
50. I didn’t hit anybody.
51. There’s no more salt.
52. What is your teacher?

Some good sentences in English

Daily used English Sentences

53. I don’t want to cook.
54. Have you finished it?
55. School starts Monday.
56. What street is this?
57. How old is this tree?
58. Everyone ran outside.
59. Please eat something.
60. Well, see you later.
61. Where’s the mistake?
62. I don’t know exactly.
63. There’s no more time.
64. Everyone ignored Sana.
65. Now listen carefully.
66. I made a doll for Sana.
67. Ken beat me at chess.
68. He gave me 10,000 yen.
69. This heater burns gas.
70. She has a pretty doll.
71. What a beautiful sunset.
72. She married a musician.
73. I know how to ski.
74. Which tooth hurts?
75. Who broke the vase?
76. This doll has big eyes.
77. I heard someone whistle.
78. This is a Japanese doll.

Bet sentence in English

79. I play the violin.
80. I’m looking for a sweater.
81. They are playing chess.
82. Send me a postcard.
83. I can ski.
84. I’m able to ski.
85. She has forgiven him.
86. Take care of yourselves!
87. Will ten thousand yen do?
88. A thousand yen will do.
89. He lives off campus.
90. Lemons are sour.
91. He went to the dentist.
92. I hid under the table.
93. Try on this sweater.
94. Why did you quit?
95. I have lost my wallet.
96. Sid has a bald spot.
97. This sweater is warm.
98. She quit the company.
99. She knit him a sweater.
100. I have a persistent cough.
101. This apple tastes sour.
102. He dropped a vase.
103. Hey, wait up!
104. Swimming is my hobby.
105. She gave him a sweater.
106. Write me sometime, OK?

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