Spoken English sentences everyday for Beginners

Spoken English sentences: Are you afraid to speak English? Want to learn English but can’t? The knowledge of English is very important today. You can’t walk without English. Especially for those who want to go abroad or want to study abroad, it is very important to learn this language.

English is not a difficult thing, you have to practice every day. Just like the way you learned to ride a bike. Or just like you showed interest in learning to swim, now is the time to learn this language – one day you will learn English and you will be able to speak English fluently.

spoken English sentences for daily use

Spoken English sentences everyday

  1. As soon as we reached the station, the train left.
  2. Could you take me to his house?
  3. Do you play any sports?
  4. Every one of them has been punished.
  5. From where did you buy your suit?
  6. He does not listen to me.
  7. He fell at my feet.
  8. He is as good as his word.
  9. He is expected to come here today.
  10. He stops me from going there.
  11. I am much obliged to you.
  12. I can’t accept what you say.
  13. I did not say this.
  14. I get up early in the morning.
  15. I have given up painting.
  16. I have heard a lot about you.
  17. I will see you at home.
  18. It happened long ago.
  19. It is a long story.
  20. It is impossible to sell at this figure.
  21. It rains all around the year here.
  22. It was not your fault.
  23. It’s not noon yet.
  24. It’s too dark outside.
  25. It’s even awful to think about.
  26. Judgment is reserved.
  27. Judgment will be delivered tomorrow.
  28. Keep the dog chained.
  29. Let the matter drop.
  30. Mind your studies.

Easy spoken English sentences

  1. Must you go now?
  2. No one came here.
  3. Now there are cases of fever in every family.
  4. Please give me your address.
  5. That’s all nonsense.
  6. That’s the question.
  7. The game ended in a draw.
  8. The hawkers are shouting at the top of their voices.
  9. The thing is that he has been turned out of the house.
  10. There is a passage through the house.
  11. There is nepotism in every sector.
  12. We cut the cake into four pieces.
  13. What can be done now?
  14. What drink will you have?
  15. What have you got for dinner?
  16. When can I have it?
  17. Where have you kept my clothes?
  18. Which is the best hotel here?
  19. Who stood security for him?
  20. Why are you so late?
  21. Why didn’t you put the water on the table?
  22. Will you kindly undo this knot?
  23. Would you spend the whole day with us?
  24. You are very short-tempered.
  25. You don’t know how to deal with others.
  26. You don’t seem to agree with me.

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