Use of There and It in English Grammar

Learn the use of There and It

Use of There and It: Today we will learn one important thing about English, it is very important for those who are new to learning English. If you can learn it very well, it will be very useful when speaking or writing English. Today our topic is the use of There and It.

Use of There

  1. Are there any concerts?
  2. Did you go there?
  3. How many people are there in New York?
  4. I shall not go there.
  5. Is there a nightclub in town?
  6. It will take one hour to reach there.
  7. Nobody is there right now.
  8. There are many coconut trees in their garden.
  9. There are some apples in the refrigerator.
  10. There are some books on the table.
  11. There are some meritorious students in our school.
  12. There is a point in going there.
  13. There is a pond in our village.
  14. There is a post office in our village.
  15. There is no pride in his mind.
  16. There is no school in our village.
  17. There was a doctor in our village.
  18. There was a king.
  19. There was no honesty in him.
  20. There were no people on the road.
  21. We are going there.
  22. We had reached there before the rain stopped.
  23. What’s on there?
  24. Where is there a doctor who speaks English?
  25. Where there is love there is peace.

Learn how to ask Questions and Answers in English?

Use of It

Use of There and It with 50 examples-02
  1. Where did it happen?
  2. It‘s very cold today.
  3. It‘s really hot.
  4. It‘s going to snow today.
  5. It’s not too far.
  6. It will take an hour.
  7. It takes 2 hours by car.
  8. It seems that he will never return.
  9. It seems that he is sick.
  10. It is two months to the Puja.
  11. It is the blue shirt that I want.
  12. It is seven O’clock now.
  13. It is raining.
  14. It is not easy to learn the Chinese language.
  15. It is my belief.
  16. It is morning.
  17. It is Monday today.
  18. It is his hard work that made him sick.
  19. It is an Indian bag.
  20. It has been raining for three days.
  21. It has a tail.
  22. It depends on the weather.
  23. I don’t want it.
  24. How much is it?
  25. How do you spell it?
  26. Can I try it on?

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