98 common English sentences

98 common English sentences –

I’ll get in.

I once lived in Rome.
That house is big.
I was wrong.
She’s in the bath. 
That is a table. 
Why did she do that?
Bill was in Japan.
That’s my line! 
That’s really great!
Keep in touch! 
He deals in furniture.
That’s really sad.
He was alone.
I’m kind of happy. 
Believe in yourself. 
Who is that boy?
That’s a bright idea.
May I come in? 
He works in a factory.
What’s that sound?
It was night.
I am in London.
I live in the country.
Wow! That’s cheap!
Daily use English Sentences Conversations

Useful Sentences for Daily Use

98 common English sentences-

I was at home.

I live in Japan.
She acted in the play.
That is intriguing.
She was brave.
He gave in.
We swam in the lake. 
That’s his house. 
That’s good, isn’t it?
My father is in.
She lives in New York. 
That would be fine.
He was at home.
I believe in him.
I’m living in the city.
That’s a good idea! 
He was patient.
I believe in you.
They live in this town
That book is theirs.
He was standing.
He arrived in time.
That isn’t fair.
Everybody knows that.
They are in class.

English Sentences For Daily Use

That is his car. 
Don’t talk like that.
Count me in.
What is in the desk? 
I don’t know that.
That is an old castle. 
He’s not in. 
Don’t let the dog in. 
That boy is smart.
I was fired.
Walk ahead of me.
She invited him in.
That won’t work!
Look at that picture.
I’m short of money.
He was born in Ohio.
Who is that man?
That’s my dictionary.
Mary came in.
Lincoln died in 1865.
That is her house. 
He was brave. 
We ran out of food.
I arrived in London.
Who’s that girl? 

English Sentences Used in Daily Life

That’s quite a story.
Shut up and listen!
Tom is in the house. 
That is a pencil.
That is my dictionary. 
He came in person.
That’s strange.
What was that noise?
Beware of the dog! 
We swam in the sea. 
That’s not fair.
That is the bus stop.
We’re in a hurry.
I’ve seen that.
That’s a great poem. 
Come and see me. 
She works in a bank.
That car is hers.
That’s really stupid.
Rome is in Italy.
That is mine. 
That is a good idea. 
I was a teacher

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