English sentences for regular use

English sentences for regular use:

1. Keep the dog out.
2. Wait till six.
3. May I sit next to you?
4. I’ll be absent tomorrow.
5. Don’t let that dog go.
6. I’m trying to sleep.
7. See you tomorrow.
8. She bought him a dog.
9. You should sleep.
10. I’m extremely fat.
11. The dog is white.
12. Would you like to wait?
13. Could I sit on the aisle?
14. We have a test tomorrow.
15. Where’s the museum?
16. My sister has a job.
17. Her books sell pretty well.
18. Are you free tomorrow?
19. Your dog is here.
20. Do you drink coffee?
21. Please sit here and wait.
22. Will it be hot tomorrow?
23. A dog bit her leg.
24. I’ll buy you a drink.
25. Choose one person.
26. Tomorrow is her birthday.
27. Beware of the dog!
28. Don’t drink and drive.
29. Please choose one person.
30. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.

English sentences for daily use

English sentences for regular use:

31. Here is your dog.
32. Anna doesn’t have a sister.
33. This watch is broken.
34. Tomorrow is Christmas.
35. Does your dog bite?
36. I don’t drink alcohol.
37. Choose whichever you like.
38. ill it be fine tomorrow?
39. This is Mary’s dog.
40. He is about thirty.
41. Choose whichever you want.
42. Tomorrow is Christmas Day.
43. He bought her a dog.
44. Go to sleep.
45. We traveled on foot.
46. How’s your sister?
47. She is very pretty.
48. Come again tomorrow.
49. Don’t release that dog.
50. They are pretty.
51. How about tomorrow?
52. I have a big dog.
53. Sunny looks like my sister.
54. Please sit here.
55. Will he come tomorrow?
56. Is your dog mean?
57. Hey, wait up! Wait a moment.
58. Sit up straight.
59. Will it rain tomorrow?
60. Sunny carefully.

English sentences that regular use

Daily used English Sentences

61. Is she your sister?
62. She sang pretty well.
63. It’ll snow tomorrow.
64. I saw a dog.
65. My sister is famous.
66. She is a very pretty girl.
67. Come tomorrow morning.
68. The dog is dying.
69. Wait in line, please.
70. Sit wherever you like.
71. Tomorrow is my birthday.
72. I have a dog.
73. I have another sister.
74. Check, please.
75. I have class tomorrow.
76. The dog is dead.
77. My sister often cries.
78. This clock is broken.
79. Tomorrow is a holiday.
80. Your dog is very big.
81. I can’t sleep well.
82. Today is extremely hot.
83. Listen carefully.
84. She’s Tom’s sister.
85. She has a pretty doll.
86. It may rain tomorrow.
87. Don’t let the dog in.
88. I couldn’t sleep.
89. Don’t release that dog.
90. What a big dog!
91. My sister got engaged.
92. This desk is broken.

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