Most common sentences in English

Most common sentences:

What is going on?
Will you go with us?
He tries hard.
He likes to run.
He’ll be here soon.
He is lying.
He was patient.
I’ll be back soon.
He can come.
He seems tired.
He fell backward.
I worked on a farm.
Let’s start with beer.
He came by bus.
He loves trains.
I count on Tom.
Stay here with us.
He got angry.
He felt at home.
Don’t be sad.
He ran.
He came by car.
He walks slowly.
You’ll be OK.
He runs.
He doesn’t lie.
He was standing.
Don’t be angry.
Who is he?
He hated lying.
He writes books.
Get on the horse.
Most common Sentences in English

Daily use English sentences

Most common sentences:

I disagree with you.
He was brave.
He is unmarried.
Don’t be absurd.
He gave in.
He is a writer.
He’s a comedian.
He must be tired.
He is kind.
He is outgoing.
Is he breathing?
Please be seated.
He is nice.
He looks young.
What did he say?
Come with me.
He stood up.
Is he Japanese?
That would be fine.
He is smart.
He’s an author.
She is on a diet.
She agreed with him.
He hugged her.
He is very kind.
We depend on you.
She danced with him.
He shot at me.
He just arrived.
It’s on me. 
Come with us.
He’s not in.
Has he come yet?

Spoken English Sentences for Beginners

Put your hat on.
Come along with me.
He has a car.
He has gone out.
Turn on the radio.
I’m walking with her.
He’s studying.
He lost his job.
The light is on. 
Come along with us.
He is French.
He has ten cows.
Don’t tell on me. 
She lives with him.
He was alone.
He is a teacher.
She must be angry.
He has guts.
He was at home.
He gave it to me. 
I’m on a diet.
I agree with you.
He’s strong.
He began to run.
I seem to be lost.
He’s smart.
He sang a song.
He broke the law.
Don’t tell on me.
I’m angry with her.
He loves her.
He is a painter.
She must be sick.
He is sick.
He loves music.
He became famous.

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